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This category is for aliens with bachelor's degrees, but who do not qualify for the EB2 category, skilled workers with at least two years of training or experience, and unskilled workers. An alien in the bachelor's degrees category must demonstrate that he or she has a bachelor's degree or equivalent, that a bachelor's degree is required for the position, and that he or she is a member of the profession. For unskilled workers, in addition to the two years of experience or training, the alien must also demonstrate that the job requires that experience or training. Finally, this category requires a labor certification and a job offer. Approximately 40,000 visas annually plus visas not used by the EB1s and EB2s. However, only 10,000 visas may be allotted to unskilled workers.


  • Evidence of a bachelor's degree or two years of experience or training (accordingly, and if applicable).
  • A Job offer which requires the level of education the alien is claiming
  • Labor Certification

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