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Business immigration

Kingston, Martinez & Hogan does a large voulme of work helping companies, investors, and individuals obtain visas for business purposes. Business visas fall into several categories:

  • Investment-based, Non-Immigrant Visas
  • Investment-based, Permanent Residency
  • Employment-related Permanent Residency
  • Employment-related Temporary Workers
  • Intra-Company Transfers
  • Extraordinary Ability
  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • NAFTA Workers

Please contact Kingston, Martinez & Hogan or fill out a new client form for more information about which business visa category you fall under, or click on the links below to read more about the various types of business-related visas.

Investement-Based Non-immigrant VISAS


Treaty Trader: A treaty trader is an individual coming to the U.S. solely to carry on substantial trade principally between the U.S. and the foreign country of which he/she is a national.


Treaty Investor: An individual coming to the U.S. solely to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which the individual has invested, or is actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital.

Investement-Based permanent residency (Green Cards)


Employment-Based Alien Entrepreneurs: Foreign Nationals investing $1 million over two years in an enterprise that employs at least 10 people

EMplOyment-related permanent residency (Green Cards)


Individual with Extraordinary Ability: Nationally or internationally recognized individual


Individual With Exceptional Ability in the Arts, Sciences or Business


Skilled Workers with Bachelor's Degree and a job offer


Religious Workers

EMplOyment-related Temporary workers


H-1b specialty worker visa petitions are filed with the INS by U.S. organizations which seek the temporary services of persons whose work requires a bachelors or higher degree in a specific occupational specialty.


An individual who will be providing temporary labor in the U.S., provided that there are no qualified and unemployed U.S. workers


A trainee is an individual coming temporarily to the U.S. for training at the invitation of an individual, organization, firm or other trainer in any field of endeavor

intra-company transfers


For executives or managers of multinational organizations that operate in the US

IndIviduals with Extraordinary Ability


An individual who has "extraordinary ability" in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics


Support Personnel for O-1 Individuals

Athletes and entertainers


An individual who is a internationally recognized professional athlete or member of an entertainment group


An individual who is seeking to enter the U.S. as a professional athlete or entertainer to perform under a reciprocal exchange program

Cultural Programs


An individual who is seeking to enter the U.S. as a professional athlete or entertainer to perform in a culturally unique program


An individual seeking to enter the U.S. to participate in a designated international cultural exchange program

Canadian or mexican workers under nafta


Requires Canadian or Mexican Citizenship, a job offer and a baccalaureate degree or appropriate credentials demonstrating status as a professional

Kingston, Martinez & Hogan immigration represents clients throughout the United States and California, Ca, Southern California, santa barbara, goleta, santa ynez, goleta valley, ventura, oxnard, camarillo, los angeles, and Los angeles county. nationally, many clients come from Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, new mexico, colorado, detroit, chicago, dallas, new york city, boston, philadelphia, and washington d.c. Internationally, we work with companies and individuals all over world, including mexico and canada.